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NIIGATA has reengineered the HN Series to be a world class machining center. The result is a horizontal machining center that delivers greater capacity, higher productivity and increased accuracy. With its large work envelope, many pieces that previously required bigger machines will fit on this workhorse. This upgraded capacity offers superior price and performance resulting in a faster return on investment.

The HN Series features a heavy duty boxway style construction and the high horsepower and torque allow you to take full advantage of the rigid machine frame.


■ Full rib construction

-massive, stable frame greatly enhances heavy duty machining accuracy

■ Increased rigidity in all major components to maximize metal
   cutting accuracy

-25% increase in bed thickness, 75% increase in span of Z axis slide way,
 40% increase in column rigidity

■ Unique spindle head cooling technology

-minimizes thermal distortion during heavy load on the spindle

■ Precision pallet positioning

-ensures long-term accuracy and reliability

■ High torque, heavy duty spindle

-mono-cast spindle head stock allows for more powerful milling capacity
 withgreater accuracy