HGM Series 5-Axis High Rail Gantry Profiler PM-6A 5-Axis Gantry Profiler PS-6B 5-Axis Gantry Profiler PM-5B 5-Axis Gantry Profiler
Stringer Mill Skin Mill HLM-4000 5-Axis Composite Milling Machine Composite Tape Laying Machine
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Gantry Series
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SNK has been innovating and manufacturing Gantry Type Profilers since the early 1970s. We offer high-performance aerospace machines to efficiently produce virtually any aircraft component - frames, beams, ribs, spars, pylons, stringers, skins and more. From aircraft aluminum to Titanium alloy to high-technology CFRP, we have the systems and technology to machine and fabricate critical components precisely and efficiently. And behind every SNK machine you'll find a staff of aerospace professionals with decades of experience, ready to partner with you to provide solutions that perform. Our Aerospace machines are available in a wide configuration of styles and sizes. We invite you to call us to discuss your specific requirements. SNK Aerospace . . . Runway ready!