FSP-80V 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center
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The FSP-80V 5 axis Vertical Machining Center is the affordable option for those industries requiring complex simultaneous 5 axis contouring of difficult-to-cut metals. It is the preferred choice of machining professionals in a wide range of industries.

This machine incorporates all of the design and construction features required for the most demanding machining operations. They include a powerful 30 HP dual face spindle that generates 1,407 Nm of torque and A & B rotary axes that employ a highly rigid double-pinion drive system. These features enable the FSP-80V to deliver consistent and superb accuracies that vertical style machines are renowned for - without the high price.

The FSP-80V is ideal for medium-to-large sized parts. Its extended table length easily accommodates long components or multiple work setup.


■ Highly rigid open type 5 axis design
-improves ease of operation
■ Equipped with a 30 HP gear driven spindle
-offers improved stability in cutting hard metals
■ Rigid box-style double-pinion drive spindlehead with wide
    A & B axis ranges
-ensures stable, continuous 5 axis machining even under the most demanding load
■ Features Turcite slideways
-ensures accurate machining of difficult-to-cut materials by greatly reducing vibration
■ 40 tool high efficiency ATC system (60, 80 optional)
-shortens cycle times for increased production